Monday, June 22, 2015


PEARL SCHOOL OF MODELING walked in the fashion show for the 150th Year Celebration of Juneteenth on June 13th at 3pm at Mozley Park.

It was an event filled with family and friends and professional
vendors, artists market, live Jazz, Soul and Reggae band perfomaces, a high energy 
and very inspirational parade, multiple educational offerings, work shops and classes, 
powerful speakers, numerous cultural villages, family self defense workshops, dance 
pavilion, double dutch team, youth activities, African drumming sessions and classes,
African dance recitals, relaxation in the park, independent film reviews, chess lounge, 
celebrity recording artists, multi-media lounge, social media lounge, health screenings, 
wholistic health village, fitness challenges, genealogy research village, business start 
up seminar, real estate seminar, new voter registration and some of the absolute best 
food cuisines in the country. What better place then Atlanta, "the heart of Georgia", 
to host one of the most inspirational Juneteenth events in the nation.

A Lady Named Pearl is wearing fashion by DION.

Tuesday, June 2, 2015


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A Lady Named Pearl along with WeTV Reality TV Star Beauti J will be hosting Like What We Like.
Are YOU ready for the pre-weekend event of the month!? AMIN WAAJID OG Productions partners with @myboom1029 & @RollingOut to bring to you... "Like What We Like" Beauty | Comedy | Fashion -- Summer Event Series
@ Taboo2 Bistro & Bar on Thursday, June 11th!
Classic Hip Hop & Laughter brought to you by @DJNabsinLab & Comedian @MarioTory
Fashion segment presented by @AfrocentricNetwork !
Click here for TICKETS and more info!

Monday, June 1, 2015


I love this video. I too was burned at a young age; I was seven years old.

I was a curious child, and began playing with fire. One day, while in the kitchen, I decided to light my shirt on fire....not sure why, I just did. My shirt caught on fire, and to this day, I have several scars on my stomach.

As a teenager, I never wore bikinis or anything that would show my scars.

Destiny had it that modeling was in my future. I grew to be 5'11, and a beauty. I remember doing my first professional photo shoot, in Miami. I had on a bikini. When the photographer saw my scars, he said "you will never be a model"! At the end of the photo shoot, he apologize. He was impressed with my skills as a model, and no longer saw the scars.

Ironically, even after that experience, I still tried to hide my scars. As a model, for some reason, I wanted to appear physically perfect. Especially with the competition and the amount of models that were near to perfect from a physical standpoint. 

In the past months, I have begun to be more comfortable with my scars. After watching this video, Miyya has taught me, that my scars are a part of who I am, and not to be ashamed. It's summer time, and very soon, you will see a professional shoot, with me in a bikini, with scars and all, no airbrushing. Stay tuned.

Thank you Miyya.

Do you have any scars, that you are hiding?

- A Lady Named Pearl