Monday, June 1, 2015


I love this video. I too was burned at a young age; I was seven years old.

I was a curious child, and began playing with fire. One day, while in the kitchen, I decided to light my shirt on fire....not sure why, I just did. My shirt caught on fire, and to this day, I have several scars on my stomach.

As a teenager, I never wore bikinis or anything that would show my scars.

Destiny had it that modeling was in my future. I grew to be 5'11, and a beauty. I remember doing my first professional photo shoot, in Miami. I had on a bikini. When the photographer saw my scars, he said "you will never be a model"! At the end of the photo shoot, he apologize. He was impressed with my skills as a model, and no longer saw the scars.

Ironically, even after that experience, I still tried to hide my scars. As a model, for some reason, I wanted to appear physically perfect. Especially with the competition and the amount of models that were near to perfect from a physical standpoint. 

In the past months, I have begun to be more comfortable with my scars. After watching this video, Miyya has taught me, that my scars are a part of who I am, and not to be ashamed. It's summer time, and very soon, you will see a professional shoot, with me in a bikini, with scars and all, no airbrushing. Stay tuned.

Thank you Miyya.

Do you have any scars, that you are hiding?

- A Lady Named Pearl

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