Monday, June 22, 2015


PEARL SCHOOL OF MODELING walked in the fashion show for the 150th Year Celebration of Juneteenth on June 13th at 3pm at Mozley Park.

It was an event filled with family and friends and professional
vendors, artists market, live Jazz, Soul and Reggae band perfomaces, a high energy 
and very inspirational parade, multiple educational offerings, work shops and classes, 
powerful speakers, numerous cultural villages, family self defense workshops, dance 
pavilion, double dutch team, youth activities, African drumming sessions and classes,
African dance recitals, relaxation in the park, independent film reviews, chess lounge, 
celebrity recording artists, multi-media lounge, social media lounge, health screenings, 
wholistic health village, fitness challenges, genealogy research village, business start 
up seminar, real estate seminar, new voter registration and some of the absolute best 
food cuisines in the country. What better place then Atlanta, "the heart of Georgia", 
to host one of the most inspirational Juneteenth events in the nation.

A Lady Named Pearl is wearing fashion by DION.

Tuesday, June 2, 2015


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A Lady Named Pearl along with WeTV Reality TV Star Beauti J will be hosting Like What We Like.
Are YOU ready for the pre-weekend event of the month!? AMIN WAAJID OG Productions partners with @myboom1029 & @RollingOut to bring to you... "Like What We Like" Beauty | Comedy | Fashion -- Summer Event Series
@ Taboo2 Bistro & Bar on Thursday, June 11th!
Classic Hip Hop & Laughter brought to you by @DJNabsinLab & Comedian @MarioTory
Fashion segment presented by @AfrocentricNetwork !
Click here for TICKETS and more info!

Monday, June 1, 2015


I love this video. I too was burned at a young age; I was seven years old.

I was a curious child, and began playing with fire. One day, while in the kitchen, I decided to light my shirt on fire....not sure why, I just did. My shirt caught on fire, and to this day, I have several scars on my stomach.

As a teenager, I never wore bikinis or anything that would show my scars.

Destiny had it that modeling was in my future. I grew to be 5'11, and a beauty. I remember doing my first professional photo shoot, in Miami. I had on a bikini. When the photographer saw my scars, he said "you will never be a model"! At the end of the photo shoot, he apologize. He was impressed with my skills as a model, and no longer saw the scars.

Ironically, even after that experience, I still tried to hide my scars. As a model, for some reason, I wanted to appear physically perfect. Especially with the competition and the amount of models that were near to perfect from a physical standpoint. 

In the past months, I have begun to be more comfortable with my scars. After watching this video, Miyya has taught me, that my scars are a part of who I am, and not to be ashamed. It's summer time, and very soon, you will see a professional shoot, with me in a bikini, with scars and all, no airbrushing. Stay tuned.

Thank you Miyya.

Do you have any scars, that you are hiding?

- A Lady Named Pearl

Tuesday, May 26, 2015


Come and hear about the DO's & DON'Ts in makeup, hair styling, and clothing styling from beauty experts, hosted by A Lady Named Pearl. Also hear an interview with Atlanta Music Leader Dee Dee Murray and her daughter Malia Murray. Register Today!


A Lady Named Pearl. Photo shoot with Tyus Photography, styling by Seaux Southern.


Pearl - (n) something admired, a highly prized gem
Nominate a Pearl for Pearl of the Month 

CONGRATS TO OUR APRIL/MAY PEARLS - Chelsi Glascoe and Marquez Davis!!!


Chelsi N. Glascoe
Chelsi N. Glascoe, Miss Clark Atlanta University 2014-2015, is not only the face of CAU but is a heroine like no other. With a surplus of accolades she has managed to attain this position while simultaneously being a member of several honor societies; Alpha Kappa Mu, Phi Eta Sigma, and Golden Key National Honor Societies. In addition to these assemblies she is very involved on campus as an affiliate of the Isabella Taylor Jenkins Honors Program and Global Leadership Academy; Chelsi is also a recipient of Clark Atlanta University’s Dean Academic Scholarship.

To preserve all of the above achievements, Chelsi stays true to her message found in the depths of her soul from her experiences, trials along with her triumphs. She recognizes that leadership is not found through the test, but through the freedom of a testimony. As an influential speaker and program developer, Chelsi’s mission is to creatively package messages that empower the heart, inspire the mind, and energize individual’s to show their true pearls.

Marquez P. Davis
Marquez Davis is a graduating senior and a candidate for a Bachelor of Arts degree in Business Administration with a concentration in Marketing from Clark Atlanta University. Mr. Davis has been heavily involved on the campus of CAU throughout his time of attendance, holding various student leadership positions, such as Mr. NAACP, Man of the Year 2012-2013, work within the Student Government Association, student representative on the University’s Strategic Planning Committee, Executive Director for the annual University sponsored St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital fundraiser, Stay Up for Good, and more.

Aside from CAU, Mr. Davis is a marketer/event consultant and is currently building a rich clientele in the Metro-Atlanta area under his company, The Davis Brand, LLC. It focuses on Education, Entertainment, Talent Management, and General Business Services (i.e. Marketing, PR, Events, etc.). Building onto his experience, Mr. Davis serves as the co-producer for the HBCU Nation Radio Show’s HBCU Queens segment, and currently works within the Fulton County School System through the AmeriCorps sponsored program WINGS for Kids at Love T. Nolan Elementary School, where he serves as a “WINGS Leader”, teaching Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) skills and objectives to First Grade boys. Now, at the age of 22, Mr. Davis has had opportunities to do marketing work on behalf of award winning singer/song writer Mary J. Blige, serving as the Atlanta market Promotions Coordinator for her latest album, The London Sessions, a roster of distinguished NFL athletes, and household brand names such as Nike, The Yellow Pages, Delta Airlines, Chick-Fil-A, Coca- Cola, and communications conglomerate AT&T. Marquez lives by Benjamin E. Mays’ quote, “Whatever you do, do it so well that no man living, no man dead and no man yet to be born can do it better.”

Tuesday, May 12, 2015


For the month of April we discussed the FIRST HALF of Steve Jobs by Walter Issacson (Chapters 1 - 18)! For the month of May, we will be finishing the book, and discussing the second half on Sunday, June 7th, 2015! Dial number: (605) 562-0020, Meeting ID: 634-946-003.

When selecting a book for our club, I like to go for books that will make us stronger leaders. With the different sectors Steve has revolutionized, and with being fired from a company he started, I felt their was much to gain from his story. 

Summary of the Early Life of Steve Jobs
The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do. - Apple "Think Different" commercial 1997

Steve Jobs is a fascinating human being. He has been dubbed the "Designer of the New World." He has revolutionized six industries: personal computers, animated movies, music, phones, tablet computing, and digital publishing. You might even add a seventh, retail stores.

Steve was adopted. His biological parents were both graduate students when Steve was conceived. They felt that it was not the best time to have a child. When agreeing to give her child up for adoption, Joanne, the biological mother had one requirement: her child must be adopted by college graduates. It was arranged that the baby be placed with a lawyer and his wife, but when a boy was born, the designated couple decided they wanted a girl and backed out.

Thus it was that the boy became the son not of a lawyer but of a high school dropout with a passion for mechanics and his wife who was working as a bookkeeper. Paul and Clara named their new baby Steven Paul Jobs.

Throughout the book, it explains that Steve felt a sense of abandonment, and it was a part of the reason why he became so great, he had something to prove.

In his early childhood, he grew up in Palo Alto. Silicon Valley was in development and Steve had employees of Hewlett Packard as neighbors. The technology boom was growing, and growing right before his eyes.

Steve was extremely intelligent and tested at a high school level in elementary. To keep himself entertained he played pranks on people and hacked systems.

When he entered high school, he met his soon-to-be partner Steve Wozniak. Jobs was the business man, and Wozniak was the hardcore engineer.

After dropping out of college, and serving a stint working at Atari, Jobs come together with Wozniak and form Apple.

This book is definitely a must read. Join us next month, on June 7th, as we discuss the second half of the book. Dial number: (605) 562-0020, Meeting ID: 634-946-003.

- A Lady Named Pearl


This week's call with Coach Mark Starr was on the topic of THINK AND ACT LIKE A MILLIONAIRE.

Do you know that there are more millionaires than ever living in the U.S.?

Climbing stock markets and rising real estate values helped create nearly 500,000 new millionaires in the U.S. in 2014, according to a new report.

The study, from market research and consulting firm Spectrem Group, found that there are now 10.1 million households in the U.S. with $1 million or more in investable assets, excluding the value of their primary residence.

That's up from about 9.6 million in 2013, and tops the prerecession peak of 9.2 million in 2007. It's the highest number since Spectrem began tracking the data in 1997.
Do you want to join the millionaire group in 2015?

When thinking about obtaining a million dollars here is a break down, per Coach Mark.

If you sell a product to.....
1,000 people for $1,000 = $1,000,000 (millionaire)
10,000 people for $100 = $1,000,000 (millionaire)
100,000 people for $10 = $1,000,000 (millionaire)

When thinking about becoming a millionaire, think about a product you can sell? What are you an expert in? (expert (n) - someone who knows more about a particular subject than most of the population)

Create and sell a guide book, based on your expertise. (Example, you are great at cooking, create a cook book, a catering service, etc).

Do it with energy, quality and excitement! Think, act and feel like successful people, you will be successful. Life gets better, when you get better.

Qualities of Self Made Millionaires
1. They dream big dreams
2. Love what they do
3. Committed to excellence in their field
4. Accept 100% responsibility for their life
For more information visit


WeTV Reality TV Star Beautii J and A Lady Named Pearl

A Lady Named Pearl

Reality TV Star of Atlanta Housewives & Married to Medicine, Dwight Eubanks

Fashion Designer Patrick T Cooper, models and A Lady Named Pearl

18th Annual Taliah Waajid World Natural Hair Show
The 18th Annual Taliah Waajid World Natural Hair Show is the largest show globally catered to the natural hair market. It draws thousands of attendees from around the world, seeking knowledge and the best products for natural hair.

From winning the crown as 2013 World Top Natural Hair Model to serving as the host of the Social Circle for the Spring show, it is always a pleasure to come back. I had a great time interviewing some of the most interesting sough-after personalities such as Naturalista blogger Naptural Nicole, to Dwight Eubanks of Bravo's Atlanta Housewives and Married to Medicine, to International Singing sensation Leela James, and much more!

If you are considering going natural or seeking an event to attend for additional knowledge and products on natural hair and healthy body, this is it! Next show will be in the Spring of 2016!

For more information on this event visit

- A Lady Named Pearl

Friday, April 24, 2015


Are you unsure of who you are, and what you want your legacy to be?

Stephen Covey, author of "The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People", has a great exercise in Chapter 2 - Begin With The End In Mind, in which he has you go to your own funeral.

A Lady Named Pearl's version:
Close your eyes, and imagine that you are driving down a road. You turn, and enter the parking area of a church, and park. As you are walking into the church, you hear a woman singing Amazing Grace. You make your way down the aisle to see what is going on. A casket is positioned in front of the pulpit. You walk towards it, and see that it is you in the casket - it's your funeral! Friends and loved ones are gathered around. Various people say words about you.

What do you want them to say about you? Whatever you want them to WHO YOU ARE!

I want people to say "Pearl inspired billions of people (through mediums of education (schools), speaking engagements, books, music, films, etc)!" "Pearl was strong and defied the odds." "Pearl was a wonderful wife and mother!"

What do you want people to say about you at your funeral?

Sunday, April 12, 2015


PEARL SCHOOL OF MODELING: Summer session begins May 7th. Classes held at celebrity photographer Drexina Nelson studio. Female Instructor: Pearl
Male Instructor: Fadelf
Sign up today at
$99 deposit due by April 30th to secure your spot!

Monday, April 6, 2015


Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill is our 9th book for A Lady Named Pearl's book club.

The books that we select have a strong focus on leadership and becoming the best you!

Of our 9 books read, Think and Grow Rich, has landed in the top 3 of my favorites.

Here’s why:

1)   The author is amazing at providing direction and tools for you to accomplish your goals.
2)   The author has spent twenty years studying some of the most successful businessmen such as Henry Ford, Andrew Carnegie, Thomas Edison, and many others, and has provided us with 13 laws of success.
3)   The author has included great stories of men and situations, which assist in the relatability of the characters and their growth.
4)   This book is said to have produce the most millionaires.

Below find statements we selected, which are mentioned in the various chapters of the book. This will give you a feel for the book. We highly recommend that you read the entire book!

Purpose: The object of this book is to help all who seek it to learn the art of changing their minds from failure consciousness to success consciousness.

Chapter 1 –Thoughts are Things

Truly, "thoughts are things," and powerful things at that, when they are mixed with definiteness of purpose, persistence, and a burning desire for their translation into riches, or other material objects.

When a man really desires a thing so deeply that he is willing to stake his entire future on a single turn of the wheel in order to get it, he is sure to win.

Opportunity has a sly habit of slipping in by the back door, and often it comes disguised in the form of misfortune, or temporary defeat. Perhaps this is why so many fail to recognize opportunity.

Before we can accumulate riches in great abundance, we must magnetize our minds with intense desire for riches that we must become “money conscious” until the desire for money drives us to create definite plans for acquiring it.

Chapter 2 – Desire – The Starting Point To All Achievement

Six Ways to Turn Desires into Gold

First – fix in your mind the exact amount of money you desire
Second – determine what you intend to give in return for that money
Third – establish a definite date
Fourth – create a definite plan (begin at once whether you are ready or not)
Fifth – write a clear concise statement of the above steps
Sixth – read your statement aloud twice daily

Chapter 3 – Faith - Visualization Of, And Belief In Attainment Of Desire
Faith is a state of mind, which may be induced, or created, by affirmation or repeated instructions to the subconscious mind, through the principle of autosuggestion.

Conduct yourself just as you would if you were already in possession of the material thing you are demanding, when you call upon your subconscious mind.

Chapter 4 - Autosuggestion - The Medium For Influencing The Subconscious Mind

Six Steps to Stimulate Your Subconscious

First: go into a quiet spot, where you will not be disturbed. Close your eyes and repeat aloud, (so you hear your own words) the written statement of the amount of money you intend to accumulate, the time limit for its accumulation, and a description of the service or merchandise you intend to give in return for the money. As you carry out these instructions, see yourself already in possession of the money.

Second: repeat this program night and morning until you can see (in your imagination) the money you intend to accumulate.

Third: place a written copy of your statement where you can see it night and morning, and read it just before retiring and upon arising until it has been memorized.

The time will soon come, if you do as you have been instructed, in spirit as well as in act, when a whole new universe of power will be revealed.   

Man may become the master of himself, and of his environment, because he has the power to influence his own subconscious mind.

Chapter 5 - Specialized Knowledge - Personal Experiences Or Observations

Knowledge will not attract money, unless it is organized, and intelligently directed, through practical plans of action, to the definite end of accumulation of money.

The missing link in all systems of education may be found in the failure of educational institutions to teach their students how to organize and use knowledge after they acquire it.

Education – the word is derived from the Latin word “educo,” meaning to educe, to draw out, to develop from within.

An educated man is not, necessarily, one who has an abundance of general or specialized knowledge. An educated man is one who has so developed the faculties of his mind that he may acquire anything he wants, or its equivalent, without violating the rights of others.

Anything acquired without effort, and without cost is generally unappreciated, often discredited; perhaps this is why we get so little from our marvelous opportunity.

Being asked to pay, whether the student makes good grades or poor, has an effect of causing one to follow through with the course when he would otherwise drop it.

One thing that is strange about human beings is that they value only that which has a price.

Chapter 6 – Imagination - The Workshop Of The Mind

Man can create anything he can imagine.

Synthetic Imagination – through this faculty, one may arrange old concepts, ideas, or plans into new combinations.  This faculty creates nothing. It merely works with the material of experience, education, and observation with which it is fed.

Creative Imagination – through the faculty of creative imagination, the finite mind of man has direct communication with Infinite Intelligence.  It is the faculty through which “hunches” and “inspirations” are received.

Both the synthetic and creative faculties of imagination become more alert with use, just as any muscle or organ of the body develops through use.  

Chp 7 – Organized Planning – The Crystallization of Desire Into Action

Ally yourself with a group of as many people as you may need for the creation and carrying out of your plan or plans of accumulation of money – making use of the “Master Mind” principle.

Before forming your “Master Mind” alliance, decide what advantages and benefits you may offer the individual members of your group, in return for their cooperation.

Arrange to meet with the members of your “Master Mind”  group at least twice a week, and more often if possible, until you have jointly perfected the necessary plan or plans for accumulation of money.

Maintain perfect harmony between yourself and every member of your “Master Mind” group.

Chapter 8 – Decision – The Mastery of Procrastination

Analysis of several hundred people who had accumulated fortunes well beyond the million-dollar mark disclosed the fact that every one of them had the habit of reaching decisions promptly, and of changing these decisions slowly, if, and when they were they changed.

Take no one into your confidence, except the members of your “Master Mind” group, and very sure in your selection of this group, that you choose only those who will be in complete sympathy and harmony with your purpose.

Keep your eyes and ears open- and your mouth closed, if you wished to acquire the habit of prompt decision.

Tell the world what you intend to do, but first show it.

Chapter 9 – Persistence – The Sustained Effort Necessary To Induce Faith

Persistence is an essential factor in the procedure of transmuting desire into its monetary equivalent. The basis of persistence is the power of will.

As one makes an impartial study of the prophets, philosophers, miracle men, and religious leaders of the past, one is drawn to the inevitable conclusion that persistence, concentration of effort, and definiteness of purpose, were the major sources of their achievements.

Chapter 10 – Power of the Master Mind – The Driving Force

Master Mind – coordination of knowledge and effort, in a spirit of harmony, between two or more people, for the attainment of a definite purpose.

Men take on the nature and the habits and the power of thought of those with whom they associate in a spirit of sympathy and harmony.

Chapter 11 – The Mystery of Sex Transmutation

Sex desire is the most powerful of human desires.
When driven by this desire, men develop keenness of imagination, courage, will-power, persistence, and creative ability unknown to them at other times.

The men of greatest achievement are men with highly developed sex natures: men who have learned the art of sex transmutation.

The men who have accumulated great fortunes and achieved outstanding recognition in literature, art, industry, architecture, and the professions, were motivated by the influence of a woman.

Sex energy is the creative energy of all geniuses. There never has been, and never will be a great leader, builder, or artist lacking in this driving force of sex.

Seldom does an individual enter upon highly creative effort in any field of endeavor before age forty. The average man reaches the period of his greatest capacity to create between forty and sixty.

Chapter 12 – The Subconscious Mind – The Connecting Link
You cannot entirely control your subconscious mind, but you can voluntarily hand over it any plan, desire, or purpose, which you wish, transformed into concrete form.

The subconscious mind may be voluntarily directed only through habit.

Chapter 13 – The Brain – A Broadcasting And Receiving Station For Thought

Dr. Alexander Graham Bell, and Dr. Elmer R Gates, observed that every human brain is both a broadcasting and receiving station for the vibration of thought.

Every human brain is capable of picking up vibrations of thought, which are being released by other brains.

Chapter 14 – The Sixth Sense – The Door To The Temple Of Wisdom

The sixth sense is that portion of the subconscious mind, which has been referred to as the creative imagination.  It has also been referred to as the “receiving set” through which ideas, plans, and thoughts flash into the mind. The flashes are sometimes called hunches or inspiration.

Understanding of the sixth sense only comes by meditation through mind development from within.

* A Lady Named Pearl served as a professor in the School of Business at Clark Atlanta University for four years, teaching Leadership and Professional Development. Pearl is a top model, and the founder of Pearl School of Modeling, which specializes in modeling and leadership training.

Wednesday, April 1, 2015



Written by Pearl Fils-Aime

Spring cleaning is the practice of thoroughly cleaning a house in the springtime.

How about the cleaning of your life?

Do you find that you have to de-clutter your life….now is the perfect time! The perfect time for peace and focus!

Here are some tips for Spring Cleaning your life.

1)   Evaluate the people in your life – are they draining you of your energy? Or are they adding to your growth as an individual?
2)   Evaluate what is most important to you – what do you want to accomplish during your time here on earth? What are you most passionate about?  Once you have answered those questions, eliminate the things in your life, that do not support your vision. You have to make more time for the things that are important to you.
3)   Reduce your commitments – often times we are pulled to the left and to the right, because we over commit.  Say “no” to non-essential things. Write down your goals, and if what’s being asked is not aligned with your goals or growth, re-evaluate committing to the task.
4)   Simplify your work area, and your home of clutter. Clutter can distract you and create chaos. Throw away or recycle things that you no longer use.  Donate unwanted clothing.  You don’t want messiness and a lack of organization to create stress in your life.
5)   Create a list of the activities you want to accomplish before going to bed, or when walking up in the morning, and focus on those activities.
6)   Exercise and eat right – Don’t clutter your life with health problems. There are many diseases that are preventable with the right diet and exercise.


Written by Coach Mark

If you study the path of the most successful people, you will see that most of them had a considerable amount of guidance and help along the way. There’s no need to re-invent the wheel. It’s just easier to get instructions from someone that has already done what you strive to do. This person is a mentor. A mentor is someone that is going to help you get from where you are, to where you want to be. They show you the potholes in the road and guide you down the best path. To go through life without a mentor, is like trying to go through a jungle without a guide. It’s going to be very dangerous, take you longer, and it just doesn’t make sense. 
Before you begin looking for a mentor, there are a few things that you should ask yourself.
1)   Do you know how much you don’t know? 

A person can never learn a lesson that they think they are already know. Have you ever met someone that thinks they have it all figured out? Someone that thinks they know it all. They lose sight of the need of a mentor, and an enriching opportunity to learn from someone that can provide insight and direction.

If you knew it all, you would have the results and life you are seeking. If you don’t have that….keep reading.
2) How teachable are you?
To determine how teachable you are, there is a scale called “The Teach-ability Index” that measures your teach-ability. There are two variables when it comes to the teach-ability index.
1)   What is your willingness to learn on a scale from 1-10? (What are you willing to give up to learn? Are you willing to give up watching TV or give up playing on the Internet for a few weeks to learn a new skill or craft?) 
2) What is your willingness to accept change on a scale from 1-10? (Are you willing to accept that things may not be as you may have always thought they were? Remember, at one time scientist thought the world was flat. At one time, the idea of having a computer in your pocket was absolutely ridiculous. The more we open ourselves to change, the more we increase what’s possible for us.)
Multiply your willingness to learn by your willingness to accept change, ­to figure out your teach-ability. Don’t start looking for a mentor until your teach-ability score is at least 85-90. It will be a better experience for you and the mentor.
Here are a few places to look for a good mentor when your teach-ability score is high enough
1)   Start with family and friends
2)   Consider those in your extended network (friends of friends)
3)   Research and the Internet (Google, YouTube, Facebook, & LinkedIn)
4)   Your industry and others in your field
5)   Industry events (lunches, seminars, conferences, community groups & chamber of commerce)
To learn more about finding a mentor and some more tips on choosing & dealing with a mentor, listen to Coach Mark’s 30 Power in A Half Hour talk called “ Who Do You Listen To” at or you can listen to more from Coach Mark at - you can also find Coach Mark on Twitter & IG @coachmarkspeaks and on FaceBook – Mark Starr

Tuesday, March 31, 2015


Drexina Nelson

Written by Pearl Fils-Aime
Edited by Denise Sarkor

It is 3pm. I enter her office for our interview. “Pearl,” says a warm and inviting voice from behind a wall—she must have heard the sound of the door shutting behind me. I follow her voice into a photography studio. There, a sprightly Chihuahua runs up to and greets me. As I look up from the Chihuahua, I recognize a team of people—all seated—having lunch together. Drexina is among them, but rises to welcome me with a beautiful smile and warm hug.

Drexina Nelson is a beauty, fashion and advertising photographer with a remarkable eye. She is defying the odds in the photography industry, being one of few African-American female photographers in the business.

Drexina has captured some of the most beautiful and talented people in the world of entertainment, including Idris Elba, Kanye West, Tracie Ellis Ross, Malcolm Jamal Warner, Ludacris, Kandi Burgess, Cynthia Bailey, and NeNe Leakes to name a few. 

I had the opportunity to shoot with Drexina in December of 2014, and the experience had a profound impact on me. Beyond awe at her accomplishments, I was so greatly impressed by her spirit that I had to acknowledge her in this featured article for the launch of PEARL, the magazine.

Drexina was born in Albany, GA and raised in Atlanta, the capital—and most densely populated city—of Georgia. As a child she dreamt of being Motown’s pop star, Diana Ross.  She loved beauty and fashion, and envisioned a career as a fashion designer.  While attending the illustrious Clark Atlanta University, Drexina commenced her studies in Fashion. However, like many college students, she switched her major after realizing it was not the right path for her. Drexina became an Art major; it was a perfect fit. After graduating, she immediately pursued her MBA.

To be completely transparent, Pearl, I did not want to be a starving artist. So, I got my MBA right after I graduated with my Art degree.”

With an MBA in her toolkit, Drexina served as a global implementation analyst for a major corporation. She worked in this capacity for several years before transitioning into the beauty industry as a full-time, make-up artist.

I remember taking my portfolio to an agency. They said they loved the make-up, but the photography wasn’t strong.”

Unafraid of a challenge, Drexina purchased a professional camera and lights, and became the photographer for her make-up work. She began shooting dolls and neighbors as her first subjects. Her competitive drive kept her studying hard, day and night. Soon after, Drexina became a sought-after photographer.
My first big shoot was with Akon. Opportunities were coming left and right. Within a year, I was able to shoot Idris Elba for Vogue.”

How did she separate herself from the rest of the market, and get noticed so quickly?  Drexina explains that when she entered the market, many photographers were shooting for magazines such as KING and Black Men, using a style that focused on the assets of women.

I aimed to capture the beauty of a woman as opposed to the booty of a woman,” Drexina says with a chuckle.  

Next Chapter for Drexina

Photography is spiritual to me. Recently there has been a shift in my work. I have a life coach/healer, and she has helped me work through certain blocks in my life; it’s changing my approach to photography. I used to see things for what I wanted them to be, now I see them for what they are,” says Drexina.

Drexina is in her 10th year of photography. “I am more authentic. I am ready to come out the way that I am supposed to with my work. It is about women’s empowerment. That’s why I started. It’s about making women feel beautiful, and changing lives.

The Society Salon

One of Drexina’s newest ventures is The Society Salon. It is a branch of her beauty empire. The Society Salon is a membership-based salon geared towards empowering women through its network of members. 

Pearls of Wisdom from Drexina Nelson
It’s not about the spotlight. It’s not about the fame. It’s about staying true to your passion and mastering your craft.”   

When building your business, be sure not to be influenced by everyone else. You can only be you. Stay true to yourself.”  

Don’t expect anybody to give you anything. You have to work for it. No free lunch.

I believe in growing like a tree. I don’t want to grow fast, and have no substance. I want to be a tree that lasts forever.

For more information on Drexina, visit